Garfield Library Hosts Afterschool Program

October 2022

Whitman County Libraries is hosting an after-school math tutoring program called Crazy 8s Club!  The purpose of the programming is to get kids engaged in learning math techniques by turning it into a game and social bonding activity.  Each week, Project Leaders from the Center for Civic Engagement drive and lead groups of up to six student volunteers to the Garfield, Colton, and Colfax libraries to host and help with the math tutoring activities.

During one of the program’s first weeks, students at Garfield Library participated in a glow stick activity. Sarah Anderson, the Garfield Library Branch Manager described the event. “It was super fun and exciting to play with the glow sticks and make different shapes. The group of students that attended was small, and because of that the WSU volunteers were able to give them more opportunities to explore the activity and really talk about it. A big thank you to CCE-Led Projects and WSU students, the excitement is infectious, and it’s nice to have some extra help with just one staff member to continue regular library support and have an extra program happening at the same time.”

The Crazy 8s Club operates on an honor code.  The library (aka the Coach) applies for kits to run the program.  They then agree to meet weekly with a group of children and do their best to make math fun. It's this honor code that helps "fuel the magic" of the program.

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