Recruiting Student Volunteers

Visit Givepulse

WSU uses GivePulse to track community engagement and support volunteer recruitment. GivePulse is a free and open volunteer management tool. 

Create Events in GivePulse

Recruiting WSU students to participate in your organization can be as simple as creating an event in GivePulse.  When creating volunteer events in GivePulse, here are some tips to ensure your opportunities attract participants and are as successful as possible: 

  • Create a descriptive and exciting “about” section to ensure that prospective volunteers have all the information they may need to decide whether they can commit to your opportunity 
  • Utilize “Registration Questions” to ensure you get the information you need from prospective volunteers 
  • See more resources in this GivePulse Support Article: Create Event in Your Group – GivePulse 
  • Contact our Partnership Team and let us know about your upcoming opportunities and plans. We also offer GivePusle trainings! We always love to hear from you – email or call 509-335-7708.  

Other Ways to Increase Awareness

There are even more ways to increase awareness about your organization amongst our student body: 

  • Utilize social media to engage students. Tag @WSUCCE in photos and mention @WSUCCE in your posts. We have social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By utilizing these resources, students are able to get a better sense of the work your organization does. 
  • Consider tabling at the annual Get Involved Fair at the beginning of each Fall semester. As a community partner of the CCE you’ll receive details and opportunities to sign up for the event each year.